The last time I attended any makeup classes was back in 2010 when I first started learning. Over the last 6 years, I’ve tried to start my own business and makeup took a back seat. Once in a while when my old clients contact me to check if I was free to help them with event makeup, I would if I don’t have any other commitments.

Starting and managing your own business comes with all sorts of responsibilities and most importantly, worries. I sold away my business at the end of 2017 to take a break from working, to take a break from chasing after money, to take a break from life.

I explored many old and new hobbies in the last 4 months. I took up watercolour painting classes and found that I had some ‘talent’ in it. I went back to lettering and combined my newly acquired watercolour painting skills and calligraphy to make cards. I am taking online classes on Social Media Marketing, Microsoft excel, Financial accounting (haven’t started yet) and also just got my Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test certificate.

My first few pieces on my own without any guidance, just looking at a photo and trying to recreate it on my own.


I got back to lettering, a skill I picked up in 2016, and tried new stuff like embossing. It was fun and I created a few cards for my husband, family and friends.

Other than all these, I was also finding suitable advance bridal styling courses in Taipei. I contacted several hair & makeup artists who are conducting classes and found Julie. After many back and forth messages on Line, we finally settled on a 5-day 1 to 1 course in April this year. This is the first time I was in a foreign country alone, not knowing anyone. I’ve been to TW for 3 times but I was never alone. It was very exciting for me to go to somewhere and exploring the city by myself.

Advance Bridal Styling Course

The course came up to about SGD1700 after converting NTD to SGD and this includes the photoshoot so I thought the pricing is actually reasonable. I’ve also been following Julie on youtube for a few years. She has been uploading youtube tutorials where I spend most of my time on since eons ago. So, I was sure of her skills in hairstyling which I was most interested in.

The reason why I chose TW was because of location, language, styles and pricing. I’ve explored other options like Korea but I think language might be a huge problem. Furthermore, it wasn’t easy to find classes for both makeup and hairstyling in Korea. TW is not that far from Singapore, just 4h 50mins flight away. I speak Mandarin fairly well so language wasn’t a concern. I like their style, a combination of Korean natural/nude/barely-there makeup and Japanese loose tousled hairstyles. 12030405-772521429519520-4747755952638844344-o_orig

For 5 consecutive days, I was on my feet for 6 consecutive hours to complete the lessons. MUA usually stand to do makeup and hair for brides so when we were going through the lessons, that was what we did.

The last day was the photoshoot and this was an extremely nervous day for me. I’ve never had the chance to do a proper photo shoot during the last course because it wasn’t included. Also, I couldn’t afford one with a professional photographer because I was still in NUS, a poor student. 😦 So, this chance was extremely important to me and I didn’t want to screw it up.


I had to pose for the camera but I’m just not a natural in front of camera. haha. This was the best I could pose without looking nervous.


The model was engaged by the teacher and she is such a lovely person. She was once a Bridal HMUA (hair & makeup artist) so she had her own standards which made me even more nervous. However, from start to end, she was trying to crack jokes so I could be less uptight. I was glad that she loved her makeup so much that she kept taking selfies and videos of herself whenever she could. Phew~

The photos from the shoot are out and I’ve already posted some of them in the Lookbook. I also did a giveaway on a platform known as Dayre for prewedding shoot makeup and have already started on my first assignment last week. There will be another prewedding shoot this Sunday and also makeup for my friend’s mom for his wedding this Saturday.

Although I still don’t know if I will be able to pursue hair and makeup full-time but this already feels like a good start (restart). If you’re looking for a hair & makeup artist be it for your own wedding, for a photoshoot, for your mom/MIL/bridesmaids, for a D&D or event, do contact me to find out about my packages.


Lush Looks

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