When I first started doing makeup and hairstyling for clients back in 2010, my teacher told me to sell ampoules and fake eyelashes to clients and initially I was only helping with moms, MILs and bridesmaids’ makeup so their packages don’t come with these add-ons. I was new to the industry and thought that was just how it worked and was shocked when I was told to sell it at $35 per bottle of ampoule and $25 per set of fake eyelashes.

I’m not a salesperson. I, to put it bluntly, sucked at it. I am often unable to sell because I, myself, don’t agree with the pricing. No doubt, ampoules do help to make the makeup last longer, especially for those with less than perfect skin. Fake eyelashes will also do it’s magic to open up your eyes, make it bigger and bring ‘life’ back into your eyes. This is especially true for us Asians who are not blessed with long and voluminous lashes.

After I stopped shadowing my teacher for makeup assignments (yay, graduate!), I teamed up with my makeup ‘senior’ (haha), we went out doing makeup on our own and we decided to include these items in our package simply because we didn’t want to upsell to our clients. 1550_Picture_Ampoules

Photo credit: https://www.janssen-cosmetics.com/en/shop/products/THGrp_Cod/10/TGrp_Cod/700/TUGrp_Cod/1550

What are ampoules?

Ampoules are basically more intense, potent versions of serums or essences. Typically, they are formed with high concentrations of active ingredients, which can help revive and boost the skin in relatively less time.

Source: https://www.eonline.com/news/694736/what-are-ampoules-everything-you-need-to-know-about-these-supercharged-skin-serums

The ampoules that are typically used by HMUAs in Singapore are those that come in the form of a vial and once you break it open, you have to use them up. In recent years, ampoules have gained popularity and many skincare brands have also come up with their own ampoules that you can use at home. If you’re interested to find out about them, click here.

Ampoules: Yay or Nay?

Back to the question of do you need it for your bridal makeup? If you have a set of skincare routine that works perfectly for you and you know that your makeup will last with this routine, don’t get upsold. Unless they already included it in your package, then why not?

After I attended the advanced bridal makeup and hairstyling course in Taiwan, I learnt that Taiwanese HMUAs believe in doing thorough set of skincare regime before bridal makeup instead of just relying on ampoules. Sometimes, if the skin of their clients are not that good, they might even spend more time than usual to add on additional steps in skincare before they start the makeup. They don’t mind splurging on expensive but effective skincare like Estée Lauder’s Micro Essense to use as toner, Advance Night Repair as serum and etc which I find is missing in Singapore’s makeup scene.

So, the next time you look for a HMUA, check with them if they include all these in their packages.


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