I was running a giveaway back in February on another micro-blogging platform known as Dayre. You can follow me here if you’re there! I blog about things that are happening in my life. It’s a more casual platform than WordPress so I kind of express myself more freely there.

So, Elaine chanced upon my giveaway post and contacted me. Her shoot was arranged on 21 April this year right after my course in Taiwan. She was the first person I did makeup and hair for after the course.

Elaine was going to renew her vows with her husband and at the same time do a prewedding (post) photoshoot that they didn’t get to do when they first got married. It thought it was an awesome idea and I might want to try it myself in the future.

She is also a mother of 2 beautiful girls who were so cute when I was doing the hair and makeup for their mom.


Her eldest daughter was sitting on the bed, observing what I was doing and constantly complimenting her mom, telling her that she is very pretty. She shifted her position so that she could get a better view and even walked over to take a look at her mom’s hair which she said and I quote, “Wah! Mommy, your hair behind is very nice!”

She has a very beautiful family and it’s even more meaningful that they’re doing the photoshoot together.


It was an honour that I got to be her HMUA for her very special day. Thank you for trusting me, Elaine.


Xin Er

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