Last month, I’ve had the opportunity and honour to work with established vendors in the industry on a styled shoot. The photos turned out so well all thanks to Petrina from A Merry Moment.

This all started from a friendly chat with Petrina on telegram. I wanted to update my portfolio so I asked how much she charges for such shoots. I was ready to pay her her usual rates but she was so kind to offer to do it together. So, off we went to find the different vendors to join us on this little adventure.

I reached out to My Floral Loft for the bouquet and Pet reached out to The Wedding Crafters to provide the gowns. We were very lucky to find these 2 vendors almost effortlessly. Finding the model proved to be more difficult than the first 2. Both of us shortlisted multiple models that we follow online and I also reached out to model agency.

Only 1 model got back to us and she’s Wendy 🙂

The first look is more natural because we started off with The Tinsel Rack bride tribe dress. It was so humid that the curls that I painstakingly tonged was straightened within 30 mins. It rained the day before and we were beside a reservoir so a lot of water is in the air.

Petrina brought a portable tent along so Wendy could change there. I really love how the natural sunlight shines on her skin. It’s not too harsh and it made her glow so gorgeously.


Look at these beautiful blooms provided by Rachel from My Floral Loft.


Wendy is so professional and experienced in posing. We got the photos we wanted very quickly.



By the time we were done here, it was almost 10am and the merciless sun in our sunny Singapore was starting to burn us so we quickly headed to The White Space to continue our studio shoot.

When we got to the studio, I did a little bit of touch up for Wendy and we changed the hairstyle into a mermaid braid because most of the curls were gone by then.StyledShoot(15thApril)-13

The gowns from The Wedding Crafters are so light but of such high quality. It made it really easy for Wendy to move around.


I think the natural lighting at The White Space studio also played a huge role to get these awesome photos.


We also got a Cheong Sam from The Wedding Crafters so we can have another look. To pair with the blur Cheong Sam, I made Wendy’s makeup slightly darker, put on a bolder colour for her lips and changes her hair into a classic updo to bring out the oriental vibe.


I’m still waiting for the other photos but so far these already wowed me and made my portfolio so much better. I really cherish and hope I can have more of such opportunities to work with awesome vendors.

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