Donning a traditional outfit for your wedding is in itself a very classic style that will never go out of trend. Several of my brides chose to wear a kua or cheongsam for their wedding day. They were the epitome of elegance and beauty on their special day.

Be it the traditional embroidered outfit or the ones that are made with a modern twist, there are several makeup, hairstyles and accessories that make it complete.

Here are some of my real brides and also models for styled shoot who donned these exquisite kua and cheongsam either for their actual day or for their prewedding shoot.

Here’s Pamela and her husband, both in traditional kua (bride) and ma kua (groom), during their prewedding shoot. For her makeup and hairstyle, we went for a classy natural makeup along with a low messy chignon, accessories by gold floral hair pins. Pair it with a black hat and rounded shades for a Shang Hai Tan feel for the gentleman, and the lady can either hold a bouquet of flowers which colours contrast with the kua ever so nicely or a wooden hand held fan.

Kelina opted for a more ‘warrior-like’ kua for her wedding day. She asked for a messy high bun and adorned it with a gold dangling accessory to complete the look.

For a hipster vibe, match your outfits with rounded shaded, smoking pipes (as props only!) and a pair of open toe wedge. Evelyn and her husband did their prewedding shoot with both kua and cheongsam. The bouquet is created by the bride herseld, isn’t she just so so so talented?

Eunice custom-made 2 sets of cheongsam for her big day. She donned a beautiful and classy white cheongsam that has jade buttons that go from the neck area all the way to her hips. I created a braided low bun that’s decorated with some florals given by her florist for a modern twist to this look. Just look at how the colours of her bouquet stood out from her white outfit. And, who says you can’t put on a transparent veil when you’re wearing a cheong sam?

For her evening look, to pair with her red cheong sam, I gave her a cherry red lip which will brighten up her face. I also created a high bun for her so that we can show off the beautiful lace details in the collar.

Vicki chose to 出嫁 in kua and she also requested for a knotted updo aka 同心结. The double celtic knot created on her head symbolises double happiness, never-ending love and the tying of two hearts. She also completed her traditional look all the way with a traditional red chinese veil aka 红盖头.

How about cheong sams that are more modern? How should you pair it? Shi Ying here rented this beautiful pink cheong sam from The Gown Connoisseur. She wanted her hair down, something different from her morning upstyle, and so we went for a side swept hairstyle.

So, which of these styles would you consider for your big day? Let us create these classy and beautiful makeup and hair for you on your big day. Click on the contact us tab now! Hope to hear from you soon!

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