Has it been 9 months since Yi Ling’s big day? Time really does fly by quickly when you’re busy (wedding season lasted the whole of 2nd half of 2019 and I was waking up at 2 or 3 am every weekend). I’m currently sitting in my study room where my vanity table is as I type this post out.

Covid19 has swept through the globe forcefully leaving us with so many casualties and deaths. I’m feeling more afraid than sad that I am without any job now as we go into the ‘soft lock down’ as I would like to call it but my country leaders call it the circuit breaker. Everyone is supposed to work from home now if you’re not in essential services which I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks or so because almost all of my brides have either postponed or cancelled their weddings.

So, here I am so free from actual money making work, typing this overdue post out in front of a mirror that has my own reflection instead of my client’s.

During our trial, we had discussed and decided that natural style with a braided updo will be the most suitable for her in the morning of her Actual Day. I think my style has been largely dictated by what my brides ask for so what you see here is what I typically do for my brides. Very natural, slightly enhanced and adjust double eyelids, healthy glowing skin achieved with the right skincare that goes underneath the makeup.

Not every is blessed with even double eyelids, in fact, most of us don’t unless you had gone under the knife to achieve those balanced parallel double eyelids. Yi Ling’s eyes are only slightly different which can be easily corrected with double eyelid tapes and the appropriate way of attaching the lashes.

This is my first time working with Cepheus from Cepheus Chan Photography. He is one of my preferred partners so my brides get some discounts from him 🙂 I love how he captured the moments shared by the couple and also taking time out to take some portrait shots of each of them. I’m very thankful for photographers who do this because it means more portfolio photos for me if the brides are willing to share.

Yi Ling is also my first common bride with Amy from Amyt Fleur. We are currently planning to come up with a long term Prewedding and Solemnisation Package so stay tune to both our social media platforms when the details are launched. Amy has been such a lovely vendor to work with. She knows what types of floral to give for the hair so that the MUAs don’t have a hard time trying to make sure the flowers don’t come off after we leave.

For Yi Ling’s style change, we converted her updo into this textured mermaid braid which I love love love. Ever since I posted this hairstyle on my Instagram, I have so many brides who asked to have this hairstyle. I’ve since made many variations of this style and I am still very amazed with how versatile this hairdo is.

Cepheus’ wife, Madeline, who is also a MUA was the 2nd shooter for that day. She’s a dear friend of mine so she came up to take some behind the scenes for me which I am so grateful for. Behind the scenes are usually taken at the bride’s place in the morning and most people don’t really take any photos before the first march in. It’s great to work with vendors you know because they will go the extra mile. All my partner vendors are extremely helpful and more than willing to give you more than you ask for as long as you’re reasonable and nice people. More of than not, it pays to be kind.

Awww…looking at these photos make me want to go back to work. Covid19 can you please go away!!!! Can Singaporeans be responsible and stay at home. Don’t go out unnecessarily. It is paramount we push through this circuit breaker and not let things spiral out of control. Please know that the frontliners are working so hard and some have even fallen sick because of the very virus they’re trying to fight. We can fight this as long as we all play a part by staying home.

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