“Hello (Name of Bride), where are your shoes? Where are the wedding invite and rings?”, a very typical question that the photographer will ask the bride while I do her makeup for her on an actual day morning. More often than not, the shoes are outside by the door, the invite is on top of her dresser drawer and the rings are on her vanity table. This means she has to give 3 separate instructions to let the photographer know where all these things are placed. Actual days are already hectic enough, we don’t need all these small things to cause more stress for you. Read on for tips and tricks to help your makeup artist avoid the risk of running late, and also to have a calm and relaxing morning while you enjoy your makeover session.

Taken by Joy De Vi

Save time

  1. Pre-plan everything and make sure all the bridal entourage is in the loop. If you have a habit of showering in the morning, make sure to get up early to do so. Avoid washing your hair if you’d already washed it the night before so you don’t need to blow dry them again. If you really need to wash your hair in the morning, wake up even earlier to make sure you have enough time to blow dry before the makeup artist arrives.
  2. Have your breakfast and coffee/tea before your makeup artist arrives so you’ll be ready to start immediately.
  3. Pack the table that the makeup artist will use the night before you sleep. If you don’t know how big a space the makeup artist needs, you can always take a photo and send it to her to check.
  4. Complete all traditional customs like hair combing before makeup artist arrives.
  5. Put all the things that others will need at one place so they can just go and find whatever they need themselves or you can always send them a text to let them know where to find the things they need beforehand.
  6. Have someone in your household who knows where everything is placed ready to answer your bridesmaids’ questions when they prepare for the gate crash games in the morning.

Have a relaxing and calm wedding morning by being prepared.

Taken by Knottiesframes

Makeup and Hair Service Prep

  1. Make sure your face and hair are clean and completely dry before your makeup artist arrives.
  2. Avoid exfoliating facial treatments less than 1 week before your AD. If you feel there’s a need to exfoliate, you can consider chemical exfoliation on your own at home 2 nights before. Remember to exfoliate and moisturise your lips too!
  3. Do not go for brow waxing, threading or plucking if you’re prone to become red after such procedures too close to your AD. Do it around 3 days before so your skin has enough time to rest and the redness can subside fully.
  4. Do not pick on any blemish or pimples. You can always opt to visit a dermatologist to get a jab to calm the swelling but do not squeeze!
  5. If you have not done any bridal trials, prepare photos of makeup and hairstyles that you want.
  6. Wear a nice button up top or a bridal robe so you won’t mess up the hair when changing.
  7. Do not apply any hair oil or products on your hair. However, if you have very soft, fine and not a lot of hair, you can consider spraying sea salt spray on your towel-dried hair before you blow dry your hair the previous night.

Try to pick photos from your artist’s portfolio or Instagram. This ensures that the style fits their aesthetics and it’s also a way to show that you appreciate their work.

Taken by Bridelope Productions

Other things to consider

  1. Avoid strap indents/marks on your chest/back by wearing a strapless bra, or even no bra at all when you go to sleep. Put on your stick-on bra before the makeup artist arrives.
  2. Remember to exfoliate your body before the wedding, and moisturize well the previous night with lotion.
  3. Drinking ample water will help promote a healthy glow to the skin, while limiting sugar and salt at least one week prior to the wedding, and cutting dairy intake completely at least two weeks prior to the wedding, will help keep breakouts, bloating and water retention to a minimum.
  4. If you are wearing contact lens, remember to put them on before your makeup artist arrives. It will help your eyes look bigger if you go for coloured contacts with slightly bigger rim. But remember not to get the overly exaggerated types!
  5. If you are wearing a veil, it will be wise to iron/steam the veil the night before or when you receive it from your bridal shop. Remember to hang it up so it doesn’t crumple anymore.
  6. Try taking a small dose of Melatonin around dinner time, with food, if you know that you will be too excited to go to bed. It will be a tiring day so you need all the rest you can get the night before. Having a goodnight sleep will help you wake up looking more fresh and well rested. If you are afraid melatonin will make you lethargic in the day, a cup of coffee will help.
  7. Set multiple alarms if you know you are someone who snoozes the alarm indefinitely. Make sure to get someone else in your family to wake you up if you’re not confident of waking up on your own.
Taken by Cepheus Chan Photography

You’re now ready for your actual day! Some of these tips and tricks are also applicable for photo shoot sessions if you’re hiring a makeup artist. Help us help you save time so you can be pampered and get a makeover like a princess without any distractions and worry.

With love,
Xin Er

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  1. Pre planning a wedding is very important to have a smooth ceremony. I have been on the search for marriage halls in Chennai for my sister and that itself has taken a toll on my journey. Finding the venue for the wedding has many constraints. From planning to executing, there are many obstacles that need to be tackled.


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