Collaboration Shoot

Back in June, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with other vendors within the Bridal Industry and it was a very humbling experience. The photographer, YSM by Janice Koehler, contacted me in late May, early June to asked if I was interested in joining her for a style shoot with other vendors such as Wedding Crafters and D’Petals. and of course the couple, Lynette and David.

We started at 10am for the makeup and hair at Lynette’s place and were only done by around 1245pm because we were shifting around and also had a hard time trying to get the crown to stick onto her sleek hair.

We made our way to Sungei Buloh after that for the shoot from around 2pm all the way to 6pm. If you’re intending to go there for a shoot, please bring along mosquitoes repellent. They’re everywhere!!!

YSM Collab with Lynette and David_61

I really like this last photo. It feels like the couple is going to go all the way till the end, hand in hand.