Delise & Darrell

Earlier in July, I did the makeup and hair for Delise’s PWS with PG: Keloysius and I love the photos so much! The ‘feelsss’ is there. Do you feel it like I do? He’s such a talented photographer and is still so young. A pity that I didn’t find him before I got married. These photos make me feel like doing a local photoshoot with him!!! Enjoy!!!

ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0015ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0030ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0111ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0184ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0240ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0321ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0353ZHK-Darrell & Delise-0362

Minmin’s Maternity Shoot

Minmin is a close friend of mine and we’ve known each since we were 11. She did her maternity shoot with Hellogreyvan (again, haha!). It was really fate that brought us together, ok, damn cheesy. But I was pleasantly surprised with Van texted me that she was also covering the photog for J’s wedding.


Since it’s just a maternity shoot, we decided to go for more natural makeup. To prepare for her pregnancy and also for convenience sake, Min cut her hair really short so there wasn’t anything much we can do with it. I told her that she can get a floral crown as accessories and so this floral crown is from Wind Flower Florist if you’re looking to get one similar to this.



Clean and simple makeup looks easy and effortless but actually takes the most amount of time and effort to complete.

Collaboration Shoot

Back in June, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with other vendors within the Bridal Industry and it was a very humbling experience. The photographer, YSM by Janice Koehler, contacted me in late May, early June to asked if I was interested in joining her for a style shoot with other vendors such as Wedding Crafters and D’Petals. and of course the couple, Lynette and David.

We started at 10am for the makeup and hair at Lynette’s place and were only done by around 1245pm because we were shifting around and also had a hard time trying to get the crown to stick onto her sleek hair.

We made our way to Sungei Buloh after that for the shoot from around 2pm all the way to 6pm. If you’re intending to go there for a shoot, please bring along mosquitoes repellent. They’re everywhere!!!

YSM Collab with Lynette and David_61

I really like this last photo. It feels like the couple is going to go all the way till the end, hand in hand.

Jaclyn’s Traditional Indian Wedding


On the 1st of July, I did the makeup and hair for Jaclyn’s traditional Indian wedding. She contacted me a few months back and she found me from the platform Dayre. She was probably one of the most chill brides I’ve met because we only discussed what hairstyle she would like the night before while I was having dinner with my family.


I showed her a few photographs of hairstyles I’d created in the past, she also screenshot some that she saw on my dayre posts. In the end, we decided to go for a four strand water fall braid. It’s a pity the curls were unable to hold throughout the ceremony because it’s too humid and rather hot in the temple. However, this is actually very common in Singapore if you’re not in an air-conditioned room.


I really love the colours of her saree and how the lip colour matches the saree so well. The photographs are all taken by Hellogreyvan on Instagram.


What a beautiful couple!


Lastly, just to show the before & after photo. How can I end off this post without a before & after to show you my skills. haha! Jacs is so pretty to begin with so the difference is not huge. I was only enhancing her features. That’s it.